amazon river dolphin habitat

There is high demand for catfish because it is sold at a high price in Brazil. Acoustic analysis revealed that the vocalisations are different in structure from the typical whistles of other species of dolphins. However, increased human intervention on their habitat is expected to, in the future, be the most likely cause of the decline of its range and population. [20][better source needed] An individual named Apure at the Duisburg Zoo, Germany, is estimated to have lived for more than 40 years, being captured from the wild at age nine. [8], Males and females appear to have selective habitat preferences, with the males returning to the main river channels when water levels are still high, while the females and their offspring remain in the flooded areas as long as possible; probably because it decreases the risk of aggression by males toward the young and predation by other species. Several hundred were captured between the 1950s and 1970s, and were distributed in dolphinariums throughout the US, Europe, and Japan. Copyright © 2020 The most significant threats to the species include: News and facts about animals, natural history and science. [37], In addition to attracting predators such as the Amazon river dolphin, these high-water occurrences are an ideal location to draw in the local fisheries. It has a melon on the head, the shape of which can be modified by muscular control when used for biosonar. The dolphin moves between different habitats seasonally. [4][6], Amazonian rivers are often very murky, and the Amazon river dolphin is therefore likely to depend much more on its sense of echolocation than vision when navigating and finding prey. [34][39][42] Scavenger species feed upon the carcasses, and the complexity of the river currents make it nearly impossible to locate all of the dead animals. While preying in murky water, they emit series of clicking noises, 30 to 80 per second, which they use by listening to the bouncing sonar which bounces off their prey. Today, only three exist in captivity: one in Acuario de Valencia in Venezuela, one in Zoologico de Guistochoca in Peru, and one in Duisburg Zoo in Germany. [22], Captive studies have shown that the Amazon river dolphin is less shy than the bottlenose dolphin, but also less sociable. The most frequently consumed fish belong to the families Sciaenidae (croakers), Cichlidae, and Characidae (tetras and piranhas). The Amazon river dolphin is a seasonal breeder. In addition, a 2014 study identifies a third species in the Araguaia-Tocantins basin,[15] but this designation is not recognized by any international organization and the Committee on Taxonomy of the Society for Marine Mammalogy suggests this analysis is not persuasive.[10]. Human fishing activities directly compete with the dolphins for the same fish species, the tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) and the pirapitinga (Piaractus brachypomus), resulting in deliberate or unintentional catches of the Amazon river dolphin. A plausible explanation of the results is that object-carrying is aimed at females and is stimulated by the number of females in the group, while aggression is aimed at other adult males and is stimulated by object-carrying in the group. [11] In 2002, following the analysis of mitochondrial DNA specimens from the Orinoco basin, the Putumayo River (tributary of the Amazon) and the Tijamuchy and Ipurupuru rivers, geneticists proposed that genus Inia be divided into at least two evolutionary lineages: one restricted to the river basins of Bolivia and the other widely distributed in the Orinoco and Amazon. [40] Associated with these legends is the use of various fetishes, such as dried eyeballs and genitalia. It is especially active during the early morning and late afternoon. A series of recommendations were issued to ensure proper follow-up to the species, among which is the implementation and publication of studies on the structure of populations, making a record of the distribution of the species, information about potential threats as the magnitude of fishing operations and location of pipelines.

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